3D Bio-Soldiers

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3D Bio-Soldiers
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Version: 1.0
Upload Date: 10 Nov 18
Distribution Type: Freeware
Downloads: 237069
Size: 410 Kb

Rating: 2.4/5 (Total Votes: 2391)

Iosiph Stalin is not now waiting for the World Revolution, he is preparing for the War! To Stalin's order, the NKVD created a top secret laboratory for the production of bio-soldiers, capable of destroying everything in their path, endowed with fantastic strength, endurance and other battle characteristics. This becomes known to the Abwehr (German intelligence).Germany strives to world domination and the new product of the top-secret laboratory clearly interferes with its plans ... A German spy with an unknown alfa-virus is dropped to USSR territory. The laboratory and its security get infected, turn into monsters and go out of control! NKVD leaders urgently summon their super-agent Ivan Molotov and set the task to destroy the laboratory, the infected monsters and the German spy. You are the soviet super-agent, one of the best soldiers of NKVD. You task is to destroy all the monsters infected with alfa-virus, not to catch the virus, kill the German spy and save the secret information... 3D Bio-Soldiers game features:

  • 3D graphics on any phone!
  • full realization of 3D space;
  • A technology of realistic photo textures is applied!
  • 9 exciting levels;
  • 3 types of weapons;
  • system of 3D heights;
  • realization of Z dimension;
  • dynamic lighting effects;
  • calculation of the depth of space and premises;
  • lighting effects (flashes, flickers, the effects of smoke and gas, basements and daylight);
  • full 3D texturing;
  • multilevel and multitiered ceilings and arches;
  • hiding places and secret rooms;
  • 3D level map;
  • trace bullets and shots;
  • a historic plot;
  • the game is in Russian.



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    Comments to 3D Bio-Soldiers

    • Saud saifi 30 Jan 19
      This game like dead targat game
    • ساره 20 Mar 20
      ‏ لا بأس به
    • Lakhan 17 Sep 20
    • amekoudji 9 Oct 20
    • Justice 9 Nov 20
      Infact the game is very realistic and fantastic.:-)
    • A 2 Jul 21
    • 1 Dec 21
    • Abdullah Boateng 5 Sep 22
      I love this game
    • Sadeeq 21 Mar 23
    • clezio 21 Mar 23
      Muito bom
    • Андрей 21 Apr 23
      Можно лайк поставить этой игре, блин классная игра
    • Sadok 30 Aug 23
      Nice childhoud game
    • Nokia 3023 classic 26 Feb 24
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