Dweller (Java)

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Dweller (Java)
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Version: 1.16.9 updated
Upload Date: 13 Nov 13
Developer: Bjorn Ritzl
Distribution Type: Freeware
Downloads: 797
Size: 356 Kb

Rating: 2.4/5 (Total Votes: 17)

Dweller is a fantasy roguelike for mobile phones.

· Three player classes, the Warrior, the Wizard and the Ranger
· A simple end goal, kill the Goblin king!
· Random dungeons (with optional persistence)
· Several different monsters (Goblins, Orcs, Trolls, Oozes, Vampires, Rats, Bats, Skeletons and so on) with simple AI
· Items, item enchants and named artifact items
· Merchant to buy and sell items from/to
· Inventory and equipment
· Spells and ranged weapons
· Save/Load
· Old school pixel graphics and animations
· Touch screen support

What's New in This Release:

· #627 Change from stun effect to piercing effect on crossbows
· #626 Monsters should use mana as well when spellcasting
· #625 Fix Book of Flames
· #624 Show Damage stat on item details screen for melee, missiles and ammo
· #623 Change damage resolution algorithm to start at a base value and scale with stats and stat roll
· #622 Add Damage stat to weapons (melee and missile)
· #621 Monster details view should show if the monster is on fire
· #620 Blood should not be drawn on top of bookshelves and cupboards

What's New in 1.22.16:

· #618 Standing in water should remove Burning effect
· #617 Fire spells should add a Burning effect that does damage over time
· #616 Fix problem with Heal and Recharge not working properly
· #615 Fix crash when handing in a quest that doesn't give a reward
· #614 Change Slow from -5 Speed stat to 100% increase in time it takes to make a turn
· #613 Poison and Slow should wear off after a while
· #611 Monsters trading places when trying to reach the player should be based on attack stat, not weight

What's New in 1.22.12:

· #553 Remove teleport traps from the labyrinth
· #554 Unique monsters/bosses should ignore hidden traps
· #555 Make sure that banishing a previously summoned ally when trying to summon it again never fails
· #556 Adjust message sequence to show trigger message before damage message when moving to a cell with a trap
· #557 Remove duplicate "You miss" message when the player misses a target
· #558 Periodic effects such as poison should trigger on any action, not just movement
· #559 Items that recharge when an enemy is killed should not have to be equipped to be recharged
· #560 Adjust delay of stun effect to be half the time it takes for the stunned creature to make a move
· #561 Make sure to not change position of an item in a quickslot if it is enchanted or recharged
· #552 Fix broken room where items can sometimes be generated in walls
· #544 Fix problem with item on the ground being destroyed when receiving a quest reward
· #531 Being disarmed while all neighboring tiles are filled with items should not destroy the dropped weapon
· #564 Player box does not properly update at all times
· #565 Chest traps should not prevent the player from opening chest using targeting mode
· #566 It should be possible to see if an item is in a quickslot from the inventory list

What's New in 1.22.10:

· #524 HP and Energy (mana) should not automatically increased on level up
· #9 Show status icons in the character portrait
· #526 It should be possible to increase Energy (mana) on level up
· #525 HP and Energy should get fully recharged on level up
· #529 Spiked bucklers should do damage to attacker when a block is successful
· #534 Change so that item cooldowns on player action is triggered on the entire inventory and not only the equipment
· #10 Add visual feedback on buttonclicks

What's New in 1.19.2:

· #285 Buff Elven Water
· #286 Fix impassable room
· #282 Shambling corpse has the wrong description
· #280 Automatically discover secret doors when you stand on them
· #279 Treat unknown cells as empty when calculating the bitmask
· #276 Bookshelves can generate books that should not be available to the player
· #275 Automatically switch to 'Disarm?' when moving cursor to a trap
· #283 Ranger's dog gets targeted first
· #281 Shooting by tapping on a target also incorrectly moves you
· #277 Empty bookshelves should be a lot more frequent than ones with books in them
· #274 Auto-close targeting mode when all targets are dead
· #289 On low-res screens to the top of the tutorial text isn't visible
· #290 Blurry monster graphics on some screen resolutions

What's New in 1.19.1:

· #267 Standing on stairs to training grounds incorrectly shows "Standing on stairs to the dungeon"
· #265 Add tutorial message about perma-death
· #268 Add tutorial message about risk of triggering traps when disarming them
· #269 Minor graphics glitch on kill animation
· #270 Never show +0xp messages or animations
· #271 Reduced chance of finding enchanted items
· #272 Unsellable items should not show a value when selling items to a merchant
· #273 Do not add items to portals

What's New in 1.18.0:

· #200 Fix problem with friendly items (healing scrolls etc) being used on hostile targets
· #198 Blinking player position on minimap need to be in a color that makes it clearly visible all the time
· #196 Disarming a trap or opening a chest sets the player as target
· #201 Fix recent issue with some unique items being given random names
· #202 Fix "null < more >" message when "Show < more > prompts" was enabled
· #194 Review spell resistance and how it is triggered
· #197 Broken UI on some J2ME devices

What's New in 1.18.0:

· #221 Add mana/energy as a stat used by the wizard when casting spells
· #222 Add Mana Potions
· #223 Add melee thrust attack to Halberd
· #218 Add a length parameter to the Line area of effect
· #149 Remember position in lists when selling
· #109 Getting multiple books from bookshelves overwrites previous book
· #224 Add a thrusting attack to Halberds that hit two targets in a straight line
· #60 Add a fullscreen option
· #229 Increase probability to find enchanted items
· #230 Increased probability to find some rare items
· #227 Adjust chance to find enchanted bows
· #228 Evaluate chance to find Dwarven Mining Helmets
· #226 Book of Sleep graphics wrong
· #231 Fix freeze when leveling up while handing in a quest and getting a reward of an item type that is not yet equipped
· #232 Fix performance degradation when message box gets flooded
· #203 Rats do not move on the forest level when starting a new game
· #128 Make sure that artifacts are only generated once per game
· #130 Adjust out-of-depth monster generation
· #233 Adjust random artifact names

What's New in 1.16.9:

· #83 Fix J2ME preverification
· #79 Tweak orc disarm chance
· #73 Nerf troll healing
· #37 Improve level text in highscore list
· #84 Add an option to disable pathfinding by tapping
· #92 Problem with pushable stone blocks and tap-to-move
· #90 Update cursor text when target dies
· #86 Prevent certain monsters from being charmed
· #81 Add a batch/shell file to the Dweller for Desktops release
· #88 Missing translation when buying a service from an NPC
· #87 Never switch dungeon branch when falling through a trap door
· #91 Double "you are standing on" messages

What's New in 1.16.6:

· Fixed some issues in 1.16.5 where keys sometimes became unresponsive.

What's New in 1.15.0:

· CHANGE The stats of missile weapons and ammo wasn't shown on the Examine screen. Since the stats are important to determine attack efficiency they have been added.
· CHANGE Going back from the buy/sell menu brings you to the inventory category you came from and not to the start of the inventory
· CHANGE The character menu button will show the correct character class and not always the warrior
· FIX Your carried gold is now properly displayed when buying/selling items
· FIX The map wasn't properly centered (it was off by one both horizontally and vertically)
· FIX Cursor movement using mouse/touch wasn't working as expected
· FIX You can now disarm a trap even if there's an item on the same cell
· FIX The message box at the top of the screen started to scroll after scrolling on the map
· FIX Sometimes the width of menu items were too long and didn't wrap properly causing text to go off the screen
· FIX Your gold will not show up in the inventory when selling to a merchant
· FIX The desktop version didn't redraw the screen after being brought back from a minimized state
· FIX Scrolls of Enchant were broken

What's New in 1.15.0:

· NEW The Healer now offers to cleanse Slowing effects
· NEW Added a second level to the maze
· NEW The healer now offer different strengths on the heals
· CHANGE The merchant will stock up on basic inventory faster
· CHANGE Extinguished braziers can be lit again by bumping in to them
· CHANGE Removed the double (and triple) healing message when using items that provide healing
· FIX Wraith slowing triggered the purple spell animation on each move
· FIX Graphical glitch when using a Wand of Mapping in the forest
· FIX There was a problem with magic resistance not working as it should

What's New in 1.10.6:

· FIX The message history is now available again
· FIX Some lines of text in textboxes were sometimes incorrectly hidden

What's New in 1.9.1:

· FIX Trader and healer names were always the same after a clean installation of the game

What's New in 1.9:

· NEW You will now get notified if there are no more targets while in targeting mode and the mode will switch from targeting to look mode
· CHANGE Improved targeting mode to follow the last target and pick a new one when the old one dies (all this was once working but broke at some point)
· FIX Target cycling sometimes hung the game
· FIX Merchant inventory restocking now work properly

What's New in 1.7.11:

· FIX Chests that were supposed to be empty still contained an item
· FIX Null pointer when killing monsters, especially using magic

What's New in 1.7.8:

· NEW Improved menus with smooth scrolling

What's New in 1.7.7:

· NEW Variable size map pieces
· NEW User generated map pieces
· CHANGE Increased map size
· CHANGE Reduced spawn rate even more

What's New in 1.7.4:

· CHANGE Reduced spawn rate
· CHANGE Stair respawns will no longer happen when on the surface
· CHANGE Killing the Goblin King gives an additional scoring bonus when the game is finished
· FIX Swedish translation was corrupt

What's New in 1.7.1:

· NEW Added Potion of Clairvoyance
· NEW Scroll of Recharging
· NEW Monsters can sometimes spawn from stairs
· NEW When examining an item not in your inventory the stat difference with an equipped item of the same type will be shown next to the stats
· CHANGE Removed teleport ability from Goblin King
· CHANGE Added confirmation if trying to start a new game while having an already active game
· CHANGE When you attack and miss a target it wakes up
· CHANGE You will not get a message about increased health when descending to a new depth if fully healed
· FIX When gaining a level and the automatic HP increase the current HP was reported instead of the new maximum HP
· FIX Bag of Monsters had an additional suffix ".. of Good"
· FIX Some scrolls could be used more than once
· FIX Adjusted map UI slightly for smaller screens (176x220)
· FIX A very persistent player managed to get very high stat values and wrap around to negatives. Maximum stat values are now set to 100.

What's New in 1.6.1:

· FIX The Wizard couldn't use books

What's New in 1.6.0

· NEW Directional pad for touchscreen handsets in landscape mode
· NEW You can now toggle minimap on/off via main menu (which makes minimap accessible to non-touchscreen players)
· NEW Magic bolt effect when casting spells
· NEW Added some more information to the Examine screen
· NEW Android icon
· NEW Added an Unequipped category to the inventory
· NEW Wielding a shield gives you an extra chance to avoid incoming melee damage
· NEW Added items which grant resistance to stat drain (slow, drain etc)
· NEW Added feedback when the targeted monster tries to cast spells
· CHANGE Items can have more than one magic effect
· CHANGE Monsters can now cast more than one spell
· CHANGE When you push a stone and it swaps places with a sleeping monster the monster will now wake up
· CHANGE Minor changes to the English copy
· CHANGE Ranger and Warrior can now use magic items (wands but not books)
· CHANGE Scrolls of Enchant can now sometimes add a random effect in addition to stat enchants
· CHANGE You are no longer returned to movement mode after using a ranged attack
· CHANGE XP is now shown as relative XP instead of absolute, ie. "XP this level"/"XP needed to reach next level"
· CHANGE The slow attack now always reduce speed by 1 and adds a temporary stun instead of a variable speed loss
· CHANGE Adjusted XP required each level to make the XP curve a bit steeper
· CHANGE Adjusted damage code to get rid of really high hits
· FIX You are now properly returned to the item menu after examining an item at the merchant
· FIX The target unit frame is cleared when leaving a level
· FIX Picking up an item that makes you reach the carrying capacity cap is now possible
· FIX Potions of healing now properly report amount of HP gained
· FIX Stat gain options when gaining a new character level were not always calculated correctly
· FIX Incorrect message when knocking back an opponent
· FIX You can no longer be slowed down to negative speed by monsters with slowing attacks

What's New in 1.5.1

· NEW Added a small '!' emote above a monster that wakes up
· NEW Minimap!
· CHANGE Damage against sleeping monsters is increased
· CHANGE Draining an already drained target has reduced chance of success
· FIX Scrolling a multi-line menu choice on the last line did not show the entire line
· FIX Some monsters were flagged as unique even though they weren't
· FIX Monsters were flagged as sleeping even though they weren't, and vice versa
· FIX The Goblin King would bug out when going back and forth to the level where he was generated

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